The Product: A Fortune 500 customer is comprised of globally dispersed teams in various regions and time zones. Executive leadership tasked my team with developing a social collaboration tool for team members.

My Role: Product Manager, founding member, and Community Manager. Led Community Council in the strategy, development, and content management of a social collaboration tool.

Product Management Activities:

  • Agile development of online community leveraging IBM Connections platform

  • Collaborated with users and executives to perform needs analysis, customer journey mapping and product feature prioritization

  • Curated platform content from community users, including thought-leading blog postings, articles and white papers

  • Developed user adoption reporting features, influencing feature development and product roadmap


  • Over the span of 12 months, the community grew by 500%We achieved a 100% registration success (adoption) rate amongst targeted individuals.

  • Improved collaboration, knowledge sharing, and sense of community amongst employees.

  • The Community would become a central hub for onboarding new employees, knowledge sharing, and team event planning.