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The Product: As an avid runner and cyclist, I’m a Premium User of Strava, the popular endurance activity tracking app. Several features in Strava enable users to personalize their experience, be it through personal routes, goals, segments, or connections.

Given my own unmet need to understand specific performance trends, I went about creating a prototype of a personalized dashboard.

My Approach to Product-Market Fit: While there were several questions I was curious to have answered, engaging other Strava users was critical to understanding desirability of specific metrics and features.


Product Management Activities:

  • Surveying users and needs analysis to inform prototype design

  • Extracting, sorting, cleaning data from GPX, CSV and FIT files

  • Visualizing data with Excel and Tableau

  • Creating annotated wireframes (shown in background image)

  • Review and iteration with users



  • The end result is a prototype, lending insight to riding ability and volume over the past four years, which was otherwise difficult to analyze in existing dashboards

  • Review and feedback with test subjects suggests there is demand for these visualizations. Next steps: identify focus group participants, create functioning MVP for testing.

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